Saturday, 24 November 2012

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Why is it hard to make your dream come true? - Common but unnoticeable factors

Before I begin, I want to make you familiar with a quote which I created not very long time ago as a result of a bet made by my friend, which I unfortunately lost(my bad!):
"To win a race, you should try to be the first one not only in whole of the race, but what matters more is that YOU MUST be the first one IN THE END of the race to win it"
If you are able to analyze the meaning of it, then I guess that you have already got half answer to the question which made you read this post.
Let me begin with the incident by which I was able to think of this quote. I will make it short: I had a bet with my friend to be awake all night, whoever failed to do so would treat the other person. I did well as I was awake well till 4:30AM, when I got into a short nap. Unfortunately, he saw me, and i lost the bet. I was so out of temper at that time that I just cannot express. I was angry with myself. It was at that time I got with the quote mentioned above.

The analysis of the quote is(I will relate it with the incident I mentioned), you see, I made a decision to be awake all night - that made me enter the race, I was awake all night long until 4:30AM - which relates that I was first in whole of the race until I slept, that is, even though I was first one in whole of the race, but in the end of the race I just lost. To win it, I must be doing the same hard work I did at the start till the end.

Friends, the message is all clear. I bet you must be having times in you life when you were so deeply influenced by something or someone's work that you make it your passion. It can be anything like, you may see a professional skater skate in "WOW" way and then you may also think I will skate like that some day. There can be numerous examples. That's where the race begin! The end point of the race is when you think yourself as a professional skater. For the first few days, it works alright, you have all the energy required to be in the race. But slowly, it comes down. Slowly it comes even more down, until the level comes where you find yourself out of the race. The point is, it's really easy to get influence by others but it's real hard to keep yourself motivated till the end. I have experienced it myself.

You must master the skill by which you are always motivated in the race. Because, catching a dream is very easy, YES!! But pursuing it till the end is a big deal. That is because with the passage of time, we lose that energy i.e. we drop our level of hard work as compared with level of hard work when we started with that dream. You must be constant everytime. To do this, you may try reading my previous posts IMP: How to influence yourself? - Learn by grasping it's meaning  and Want to be tension free? - Let's be positive , that will help you for sure. You must keep influencing yourself all the time so as to keep your hard work constant. I have also been with the same problem that I am talking on right now, one of the thing that kept me motivating was "I have started with my dream and have completed a part of it(be it 10% or 50%, it doesn't matters), now if I abandoned completing the rest of it, then the work I completed will be a waste, the energy it took and hard work I applied, it will all be a waste". So in simple words, It's Complete or nothing.
That's all on this topic friends, For now at least. I will write more on it in my next post. Please share it from the links below or post your comment for your reaction. You can also bookmark us to catch up with our posts as they are created. Thank you.

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