Thursday, 6 December 2012

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Understand Importance of everything that you "need" and have - Be thankful to your life for providing the same

If we talk about our wants, we all want to have latest technology gadgets, up-to date fashion, social presence. We want ourselves to be center of attraction, own luxury homes and expensive cars. These all things always stay with us in our mind. Today, all we wonder about is what we want. In this way, we do not concentrate at what we already have. Everything else apart, the thing today that most of us do is try fulfilling our wants. We never pay attention to what we are already in possession of.

If we look at this other way, it's good to think of the thing that we want. Because Thoughts + Action = Result, meaning that your wanting to something signifies that if you dream of getting or achieving something, combined with your action to do it, will give you the desired result. But problem comes when, we only think of all what we want and not what we have. It is also well known that if you won't use your present resources efficiently, you won't progress in getting what you want. Your present resources are only reason of your success.

The main object of this post is to make you know that the things that you already have, they play a lot in your life to make you what you are. Be thankful to everything that you have. You want to purchase a phone with all latest features, you think about this issue a lot that you don't realize importance of the phone that you already own. You want to buy a luxury home, in thinking that you forget what you already have i.e. your current home. My examples should not be misinterpreted as not to think of your wants ever. The message is, whenever you think of your want, be thankful to everyone and everything that made you at the position you are now. Think for once, what have been your life if you were not in possession of the things you have.
Thank your parents for making you what you are - your education, your care. Be thankful to your friends, relatives for their constant support in hard times. Be thankful in your heart to all the small or big non-living things of your life. Be thankful to everyone who have contributed even a little to make you. Above all, thank your life for providing with all these things.

Another matter to cover today is, no matter what you say about your life. But life has been kind enough to provide you with everything that you need, but if you want it to provide everything that you want - SORRY, that can't happen, because wants have no ends. As was once said by India's father of nation Mahatma Gandhi:
"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed"
The above statement is very true. If you think that there has been something that you deserve but your life didn't gave it to you, it may be possible that you didn't worked hard enough to get it. You must make yourself deserving enough to get the thing that you want, nothing comes for free, right?

In the last, if you won't respect what you already have, you won't get something better. Give respect, you will get the same thing back friends. There are numerous people who doesn't even have the luxuries that you have. So be thankful to your life for providing you the same. No matter whatever you say, you are still one of the luckiest one on earth. It's just your outlook towards life that speaks about how your life is. As I stated in my article to stay positive in hard times, try to find positive out of every bad, be positive as much as possible.
Everything that you own, at least once, say it to yourself,"I am thankful for your contribution in making what I am. You have helped me a lot in making me". For everyone that you are thankful, at least say it to them, If you can't, you can at least pass a smile to them. Your parents, they have given all their life to make you what you are now, they deserve at least a hug. Most of us have not even said "Thank you" to them for a long time(consider about it, have you really?!).

Life is all what you want it to be. Give respect to those who contributed you and you will get it back. Thanking them doesn't cost.
That's all I had to say in this post friends. Post your reaction in comments below, share with others to let them know the importance of things in their life too. 

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