Friday, 30 November 2012

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9 tips to conquer your biggest enemy of life: Your Anger

Getting angry is not a solution
No matter how happily you may live, how positive you be, but sometimes we are too much irritated by anything or on anyone, we get angry(including me). Reason of anger may not be only irritation, but one may also get angry due to stress, insecurity, anxiety and many other factors.  It's an indispensable part of our lives friends, no matter what, we can't escape our anger, however, it can be controlled. Here are some tips which may help you to control your anger:

  1. Analyse What makes you angry - Make a list of things that make you angry, this list should include anything that can give rise to your anger. That way whenever next time you will get angry with that thing, you will already know in your mind that you are about to get angry, at that moment you have to control your mind and try to "ignore" that factor. Ignoring means that that factor should not affect you mentally.
  2. Think what you do when you get angry - This one has real significance. After recovering from your anger you will find that at the time you were angry, you did the things out of your senses. We take decisions real fast in anger, we don't even care what the consequences would be. Sometimes it may be surprising for you to know what you actually did when you were expressing your anger.
  3. Distract yourself whenever anger gets on your mind - Whenever you face a factor that makes you angry, try to distract your mind and concentrate on more joyous things of your life rather than concentrating on that factor, if you won't distract, you will get even more angry.
  4. Reduce your interaction with others as much as possible until anger is still on your mind - What to do when you are angry? reduce your interaction as much as possible with others, doing so will keep your anger bury inside your mind and it won't express out on your face. Moreover, if you won't do this, it is likely that you may show your anger to someone innocent, which will hamper your image
  5. Get to some place of solace - You must find a place where you feel calm, which gives you comfort and happy. Be it your room, your living room's couch or anywhere. But you must have some place of your comfort, being at these places relaxes your mind. After all, you would also like to be at places where you feel happy, after so much happening in your mind.
  6. Express it to yourself, away from others - If you really feel like expressing your emotion of anger, then the best is to keep it to yourself only, as no one want to see you shouting at him for no reason. In state of anger, we feel like breaking something to pieces or shout like never before. Do the same! shout to express your emotion(do it alone, no one wants to hear you shout), punch your pillow...but keep in mind not to hurt yourself.
  7. Distract your mind, do not concentrate on factor which made you angry - Never ever in your life concentrate on things which you don't like, same applies here. Don't try focusing on the incident because of which you were angry or will be angry. It will just end up by giving you some ridiculous suggestions like taking revenge with the others OR do some work which would land you in real trouble.
  8. Crack yourself a joke - Connected with point (7). Distract your mind, you can crack yourself some funny jokes. Read newspaper, watch TV, or do anything which will divert your mind from your problem. Focusing on "what already happened" is going to give you nothing, just try to live your present to build a better and happier future.
  9. Do something to relax yourself, entertain your mind - Hanging out with friends or watching a movie will surely relax your mind. Do things which will relax your mind, divert you from your worries and will give you a nice smile on your face. Smiling doesn't cost you. Try to be happy and smile always.
It may have been sometimes that getting angry might have done your work or you may have felt that you are standing up for yourself and not letting others get over you. But the list of cons is much long in comparison to pros. Frequently getting angry may prove harmful for you to blend in society, you may make yourself sick(high BP which may further give rise to other fatal diseases) OR you may get yourself in some serious trouble and that too before even coming to your senses about whats going on(we usually are not in our senses as I told in point(2)).

Everyone gets angry but what creates the difference is that some of us know how to control it, and some are just not able to do it easily. It is not a gift friends, we all have to develop these abilities by ourselves, and the difference that comes is due to our surrounding environment. Getting angry is not a solution to all problems. Anger creates destruction, either for you or any other concerned. Either way, it creates problems. Try to be happy always and following above tips might help you control your anger. Always try to ensure that your surrounding is happy and ultimately you will also feel happy. I have read several real-life stories of anger, and those are really horrible, only moments of anger can pull over the fate of your life. Be happy, after all, you are not born to get yourself in trouble, are you?
That was a long post, and I want to thank you for reading it till the end. Post comments for your reaction. Share it with friends to let your friends know what you read.

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