Tuesday, 20 November 2012

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How to influence yourself? - Learn by grasping it's meaning

Hello friends, before i begin this post let me ask you to do one straight thing, and honestly, if you are in a hurry or you have something going on that worries your mind, please read this post later, it's a request. It is necessary to do so because the meaning of this post will only be understood with empty minds, when nothing goes on in your minds. Once again friends, I request you to bookmark and read it later if you are in hurry. Also, I want you to read this post really slow, and possibly read a sentence at least two times to understand its meaning

Okay, I am going to organise the steps into list so it would be easier for you to understand. Also, I want you to apply these steps while reading all of my posts. Believe me friends, that will really help you. So here goes the steps, for purpose of my steps I am taking an example that you are reading some article:
  1. Understand the difference - First of all, you must understand the difference between reading your article and reading & grasping the meaning of the article. You are reading when you just read it and do its very little interpretation, this is when your mind isn't in it 100%. To read and understand its meaning, you can try:
    • Read it at least twice.
    • Read it very slowly, with concurring repetitions in your mind about the sentences or things that you liked in that article
    • Note those lines or quotes in your diary or in your phone's "Notes" app which will inspire you whenever you will read it
  2. Set your mind ready - It's important. If you will read your article with something in your mind like "I want to finish this as fast as I can..." OR "Why am I reading this?" or anything which says to your mind that "all that you are reading is in vain", then you won't progress. Even though you will try to get it's meaning but your mind will always try to divert it and you will - ultimately - understand nothing at all. You must set your mind to get it's true meaning, says to yourself something like "No matter what, I will try to understand what this REALLY means no matter what.." OR you can just train yourself to improve concentration, because this is all related to concentration only. If you concentrate on reading, then such thoughts would not appear in your minds.
  3. Read more than one time - Yes! I read it as a part of results of a research that was published in newspaper some time ago. It said that our mind is not much attentive on doing things or reacting on anything the very first time. I have observed it myself. To truly understand what it means, you must read it more than once. For example, If you are stuck at a question in your exam paper, I am sure you read it again and again and in most of cases, the interpretation of that question is made more clearer when you read it the 2nd time. Same goes here, to understand your article, you must read it at least 2nd time to make your interpretation more clearer
  4. As you read, give yourself examples - Equally important as point number 2. I always try to give examples in all my posts because human understands better with examples. Understanding is better if someone is made familiar with a logical example because that way we can relate the facts. So when you read your article, try giving yourself examples that you may think of, examples can be fictional(but logical) or your real life experience, but you must try to provide yourself with examples, that really helps a lot in understanding the facts.
  5. Convince yourself that you need to understand its true meaning - I have written much on it in point number 2. Still I rewrote it in another step to emphasise it's importance. Actually, it's the first step, you can't move on unless you have set your mind ready. The understanding chain starts from here, without this step, you can't jump to 2nd or 3rd.
  6. Take it seriously, think over it again and again - While reading your article, you must read it with sincere mind. With that I meant that while reading, you must AT ALL TIMES concentrate on your article only and it's meaning. The part of your article which influence and inspire you very much, you should read them again and again and try to relate yourself by an example with that. For example, In my previous post "Want to be tension free? - Let's be positive", I wrote a quote that it's not always that you take right decision, but you have to make your decision right yourself, in case they get wrong. When I read that again and again I get a message that "It may be that I don't take a right decision, and I eventually may come to know of it, but I need to do something so that other people may think that what I did was right." What I want to say is, just refine your thoughts again and again so that you get the best interpretation of your facts. 

So these are some of steps that I think may help you in interpreting and understanding the facts and meaning of an influential and inspirational post, article, song better. Well, to be truthful, I always apply them and it has really helped me always. I hope that this post will be very much helpful for you in your life ahead. And this is not an exhaustive list of steps, you can create many, best suited for yourself. You just need to explore your mind. Do this by giving your body some free time, yes! you should take time from your busy schedule for yourself too. Respect your mind and body. Be thankful to everyone and everything which you have. That's all I have to say in this post.
Please do share and pass any comment that you have regarding my post. Sharing is loving. Share this page with your friends to let them know too.

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