Monday, 3 June 2013

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5 Things that are important to you but you never pay attention to in your daily life

Today I am going to show you a list of items - which is obviously, not an exhaustive list. It can include numerous examples, but it includes only those things which came in my mind at once - which you face almost daily in your life, but you never cared to notice much about it. These are the things which are important to you too, but you never realised it's true importance and that's because these all things that make you comfort are just around you.
You realise someones/some thing's true importance whenever that person/thing is away from you. These are the things that gives you comfort, and i bet once you are taken away from your comfort zone, you will realise how important to you those small things were. Anyways, I have compiled the list for you:

  1.  Real meaning/message of songs - From what I have learnt, I feel that behind every song is a beautiful and heart touching story. Try to get the true message that the song that you are listening to you provides you. It has examples, and you will know it whenever you will have some leisure time to give to yourself. Get in your garden or bed, think of nothing else but feel the rhythm of song you are listening, And I bet that now you will feel what the song tells you, if it is some sad song then you will feel it, If it's a happy song you will feel happy too. We listen to songs almost daily, but we never knew this, did we?
    Listen them when you are alone or just relaxing. I am sure that whenever you listened to song when you are happy/sad, your feelings are amplified if you choose right song. I hope you will try this tonight.
  2. Smile of your lovers - The smile of your lovers has deep hidden potential that can keep you immensely happy in your life. Try doing something that makes your parents or kids happy...And then, have a look at how happy they are...See the smile on their face, when you will find that the reason for their happiness is you, believe me, you will feel like the happiest person on this earth. Even though we make them smile and see them smiling almost daily, but once you will realise and gulp the fact of reason for their happiness, you will be even more happy.
  3. Love from your pets - Pets are just like part of our family. We love them ,and in return they love us. The true thing is that they love you more than you do, your pet dog is happier in your presence, he/she wants you to love him even more. They care for you even more than you think.
  4. Your hidden potential - Due to your daily busy routine, you have actually forgot who you really are. Back 5-10 years from now, recall who you were. You are the same person who earlier liked singing/dancing/swimming/making music/playing games or any other activity that you liked to do, but now, all that is hidden deep inside your past. You have forgot who you are, that you can still do anything like you did back then. You still have enormous amount of potential hidden inside you, but you haven't taken it out yet...and as time goes, it has been buried deep inside your past.
  5. Your beautiful past - You never noticed how beautiful your past was. You are successful now in comparison to your past. You had struggled a lot in your past, that's why whenever you will recall your past you will feel happy with what you are now, but your busy life have led you away from your memories. Just do this once, when you are about to sleep in bed at night, just replenish all the past moments with your parents, the funny things you did with friends and family, and I bet it will make you smile.
Obviously, the list could have been a lot bigger, but at the moment I am struggling in my mind on which topics to include, as it happens that whenever you require something it doesn't show up, and when you don't need it it just shows up every second. When I was wondering about this a few days back, many topics came in my mind. Well, I guess the list is complete enough to give you the picture of what all you have missed, and to let you know what you are ignoring.
Believe me friends, the second you will lose what you have right now(even if it is something you don't pay attention to), you will realise its true importance. Why not just respect and love everything when its around you?
Just like this very short list of things that are important but you weren't paying attention to, there are numerous things that you may think isn't important but they actually are very important to you. For example, consider you don't have thumbs in your hand. Now, you are literally - SEMI PARALYZED - you cannot even write properly without your thumb, you cannot hold things etc. Although none of you may have thought it to be that important, I would suggest you to try to do things without help of thumb.

Anyways, the message was clear of this post. Give importance to small things that aren't worth much attention. They are important.
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